Fancy Meeting You

By Roger

Yes… I loved Tangled.

I am not too proud to admit it.

I love watching animated movies with (or without) my children, and this was one of the best Disney’s to come out in quite some time (in my opinion).

So when I spotted this illustrations, I just had to contact the artist and ask for her permission to display it on the site here. It’s just full of so much win.

The artist is one Brianna Garcia. She does a lot of Disney illustrations, and is quite obviously good at them. I’d sure love to see her create more of these cross-over illustrations… maybe some Jack Skellington fighting off Batman or Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) squaring off against Wolverine.

If you’re reading this, Brianna, consider it a personal challenge!

Make certain to check out Brianna’s site for tons more illustrations.

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