Top 5 New Comics for October 31st, 2012

By Vince

Captain Marvel #6

Marvel Comics
Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art: Dexter Soy

Marvel Says: A battle through time! The shocking conclusion! Guest appearance by the classic Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell! And an All-New Captain Marvel?!

Vince Says: Just assume this comic is going to be on the list just about every week it’s released. It’s that good.

Ghosts (One Shot)

DC Comics
Story: Various
Art: Various

DC Says: Check out this all-new anthology from some of the biggest talents in the industry! Stories spotlight a space heist on a ghost ship, a spirit who wants to play synthesizer in a techno band, a ghost-for-hire haunting agency and others dark, twisted tales.

With stories and art by some of comics’ greatest talents, this special features a cover by Dave Johnson, and a variant cover by Brendan McCarthy!

Vince Says: A horror anthology from some of DC’s top guys, including Geoff Johns? Sign me up.

New Mutants #50

Marvel Comics
Story: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art: Felix Ruix

Marvel Says: FINAL ISSUE!

It’s time to raise a glass to Dani Moonstar, Sunspot, Cipher, Warlock, Sunspot and X-Man in this series-ending issue!

Vince Says: The New Mutants have done some serious growing up under Abnett, Lanning and their predecessor, Zeb Wells, with two of their members (Cannonball & Sunspot) set to join the actual Avengers. It was great to see these fan-favorite characters back together and I look forward to seeing where they go in this new era.

Wolverine & The X-Men #19

Marvel Comics
Story: Jason Aaron
Art: Nick Bradshaw

Marvel Says: The second year of the most talked-about new X-Book starts here!

One of the students is on death’s door and the faculty must 1) try to keep them alive and 2) find who did it!

With one of the teachers on the outs, a new one must be hired. Who will it be?

Who is the new student at the school?

Vince Says: Jason Aaron is a monster. And we all love him for it.

X-Men Legacy #275

Marvel Comics
Story: Christos Gage
Art: David Baldeon

Marvel Says: THE END OF AN ERA!

Last issue, Magneto made Rogue a daunting offer. In this FINAL ISSUE of X-MEN: LEGACY, Rogue faces the repercussions of her decision!

Vince Says: It took several decades, but this comic finally made me like Rogue as a character. Also, despite numerous retitlings, the comic that started as (Adjectiveless) X-Men in 1992 has run for 275 straight issues without renumbering, a feat we may not see again for a long time, if ever.

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