Episode 091: X-Force Wrap-Up


We’re a little late with this episode, however Sarah started a new shift which prevented us from recording until the weekend. Still, it was a fun episode, shooting the breeze ’bout Rob Liefeld’s recent Twitter attacks, as well as wrapping up all that’s happened in Uncanny X-Force since the Dark Angel Saga ended.

Referenced: Liefeld’s Worst 40; Liefeld’s Worst 40 (More); Liefeld’s Twitter stream.


Uncanny X-Force

What We’re Reading

Roger: Spider-Men #4, Avengers vs X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man (wrong issue stated during podcast… we’ll be covering 692 next week)
Sarah: Captain Marvel #2

New Releases


All-Star Western #12
Batman Incorporated #3
Batman The Dark Knight #12
Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #1 (Of 4)
Flash #12
Green Lantern New Guardians #12
Justice League Dark #12
Savage Hawkman #12
Scalped #60 (Final Issue)
Superman #12
Teen Titans #12
Voodoo #12


Amazing Spider-Man #692
Astonishing X-Men #53
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #4 (Of 4)
Fear Itself Avengers TP
Fear Itself TP
Secret Avengers #30, $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #17
Venom #23
Wolverine #312
Wolverine Annual #1 (The finale to the tale started in FF Annual #33 and DD Annual #1.)
X-Men Legacy #272


Dragon Age Those Who Speak #1 (Of 3) (Dark Horse)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #13 (IDW)

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