Episode 096: Marvel NOW!


This week, Vince and I tackle everything post-AvX, including the just released Uncanny Avengers #1, which we had mixed feelings about. We also go through all of the upcoming Marvel NOW! comics. Some have us fairly excited. Others made us groan.

Check it out.

This hefty episode clocks in at 51:25, and I am not to blame for that. Just saying.


Uncanny Avengers #1

A look ahead at Marvel NOW!

All New X-Men: Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen
New Avengers: Jonathan Hickman & Steve Epting
Avengers: Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena
Captain America: Rick Remender & John Romita, Jr
Deadpool: Brian Edmund Posehn, Gerard Gorman Duggan, Geoff Darrow & Tony Moore
Fantastic Four: Matt Fraction & Mark Bagley
FF: Matt Fraction & Mike Allred
Indestructible Hulk: Mark Waid & Lenil Francis Yu
Iron Man: Kieron Gillen & Greg Land
Thor: God of Thunder: Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic
X-Men Legacy: Si Spurrier, Michael Del Mundo & Tan Eng Huat
Thunderbolts: Daniel Way & Steve Dillon
Avengers Arena: Dennis Hopeless & Kev Walker
Cable & X-Force: Dennis Hopeless & Salvador LaRocca
Uncanny X-Force: Sam Humphries & Ron Garney
Savage Wolverine: Frank Cho
Young Avengers: Kierong Gillen & James McKelvie
Superior Spider-Man: Dan Slott & Ryan Stegman
Secret Avengers: Nick Spencer & Luke Ross
Guardians of the Galaxy: Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven
Nova: Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness

What We’re Reading

Vince: Batgirl, Defenders, Wolverine & The X-Men

New Releases


A-Babies vs X-Babies #1
Avengers Assemble #8
AvX Consequences #2
Captain Marvel #5
Dark Avengers #182
Hawkeye #3
Marvel NOW Point One
Marvel Zombies Halloween #1
Mighty Thor #21
New Avengers #31
Ultimate Iron Man #1
Ultimate Spider-Man #16
Uncanny X-Men #20
Venom #26
X-Factor #245


Justice League #13
Wonder Woman #13


Godzilla: Half-Century War #3 (IDW)
Chew #29 (Image)
Cyber Force #1 (Image)
Walking Dead #103 (Image)

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