Episode 134: The Enemy Within


This week, Vince and I tackle The Enemy Within story-arc which ran through several series, and saw Captain Marvel going up against a power foe from her past. Vince and I are both massive Captain Marvel fans, not to mention huge Kelly Sue DeConnick fans, so this was a great treat for us.

We also discussed Age of Ultron and it’s fallout in What We’re Reading… as well as a few Hickman series. Ah Hickman… you sick, demented bastard. We love ya.


P.S. Please forgive our light jabs at our buddy Joe at the beginning of the episode. Joe co-hosts with us on our various gaming podcasts… though he has occasionally made promises which have never seen the light of day.


Enemy Within:

Avengers: Enemy Within #1
Avengers Assemble #16 & 17
Captain Marvel #13 & 14

What We’re Reading

Vince: Red Sonja, Guardians of the Galaxy
Roger: Age of Ultron, Hunger, Manhattan Projects, East of West

New Releases


All-New X-Men #15
Avengers #17
Avengers AI #2
Cable and X-Force #12
Hunger #2
Iron Man #14
Superior Carnage #2
Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2
Superior Spider-Man #15
X-Factor #260


Detective Comics #23
Earth 2 #15
Green Lantern #23
Swamp Thing #23


Robocop: Last Stand #1 (BOOM!)
Suicide Risk #4 (BOOM!)
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2 (IDW)
Transformers: Robots in Disguise #20 (IDW)
Fatale #16 (Image)
Invincible Universe #5 (Image)
Manhattan Projects #13 (Image)

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