Episode 165: X-Files Conspiracy


2014-04-21-08-59-31What an episode. I had no idea it would roll this way, however every once in a while, a serious discussion is needed when the actions of creators stray so far from the morally acceptable (and no, I’m not referring to Booth this time, though he did of course get a mention).

As promised, here is Jim Lee’s Twitter timeline, including the offensive tweet which he later deleted. He should know by now that there is no Alt+Z when it comes to the internet, which means he should keep such asinine comments to himself, lest he alienate a very large part of his reader base.

It was hard to segue out of that, however we did, and happily discussed an absolutely fantastic event which occurred within the pages of X-Files: Conspiracy. Great stuff. Make sure to check it out.

We also recorded our first .1 episode. We’d mentioned a few episodes back that we may start doing this, and once the topic turned to the finale of Superior Spider-Man, I had a feeling there’d be a lot of things we both wanted to say. As such, make certain to check out episode 165.1 if you’re interested in our thoughts on the matter.


X-Men: Days of Future Past (3rd Trailer)


X-Files: Conspiracy 1-2
X-Files: Conspiracy – Ghostbusters
X-Files: Conspiracy – TMNT
X-Files: Conspiracy – Transformers
X-Files: Conspiracy – The Crow

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