Episode 191: Spiders and Magic Critters


This week, we’ve got spiders and magic critters; and we loved all of them. The spiders come courtesy of Spider-Verse, which has finally started. The lead-up has been spectacular (pun intended), so what did we think of the launch? The answer to that’s probably obvious.

We also tackled the first issue of Tooth & Claw, a brilliantly written and illustrated new series from Image. Plus lots more in our What We’re Reading segment.


Referenced this episode:

Link that Vince sent me


Amazing Spider-Man #9
Spider-Verse Team-Up #1
Tooth & Claw #1

What We’re Reading

Vince: Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham Academy, Chew
Roger: Saga, Batman Beyond, Injustice, Borderlands

New Releases


All-New Captain America #1
Axis #5
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1
Guardians 3000 #2
Nightcrawler #8
Nova #23
Spider-Verse #1
Superior Iron Man #1
Thor #2


Batgirl #36
Batman #36
Batman Eternal #32
Constantine #19
Earth 2: World’s End #6


Wytches #2

Dark Horse:

Prometheus: Fire & Stone #3
Resurrectionists #1


Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #4
Transformers #35


Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent #1
Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #2

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