Episode 218: Either give it to me now, or not at all


This week, Vince decided we should talk about some new DC shenanigans. Well, some new and some old shenanigans. Green Lantern and Justice League each have their own version of Hal Jordan. As discussed during the podcast, it’s going to get a little confusing moving forward, for both of the big two.

We tackled a bunch of Secret Wars in our What We’re Reading segment, as well as Han’s big surprise, Postal, Saga, The Wicked and the Divine and lots more.



Batman Beyond #1
Green Lantern #41
Justice League #41

What We’re Reading

Vince: Secret Wars, The Amazing Spider-man: Renew your Vows, The Wicked + The Divine
Roger: Star Wars, Wolverines, All-New X-Men, Armor Wars, Little Marvel: AvX, Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy, Material, Postal, Saga, Sons of the Devil, Years of Future Past, X-Tinction Agenda

New Releases


1602: Witch Hunter Angela #1
Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1
Ghost Racers #1
Inferno #2
Kanan: The Last Padawan #3
Marvel Zombies #1
Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #1
Secret Wars 2099 #2
Silk #5
Spider-Verse #2
Ultimate End #2
Weirdworld #1


Batman #41
Constantine the Hellblazer #1
Detective Comics #41
Earth 2 Society #1
Gotham Academy #7
Red Hood/Arsenal #1
Section 8 #1
Starfire #1


Black Science #15
Descender #4
Injection #2
Saga #29
The Walking Dead #142


Unity #19

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