Episode 220: Power Pack


This week, I decided we should head back to the 80s. Among all the X-Men and Avengers comics, stood a particularly charming series that ran for a number of issues in the early to mid 80s: Power Pack. For those of us who experienced it back then, the series holds a special place in our memories. I was pleased to see that despite some of the pitfalls which plague most comics of that decade, Power Pack still holds up beautifully. I highly recommend it, especially as an introduction to comics for young readers.

Our What We’re Reading segment was shorter than normal this week, though we still covered some great stuff, including Old Man Logan, Thors, Mad Max and more.



Power Pack v1 1-6

What We’re Reading

Vince: Weirdworld, Mad Max Furiosa, Black Canary
Roger: Old Man Logan, Ultimate End, Thors

New Releases


Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #1
Black Widow #19
Daredevil #16
E Is For Extinction #1
Infinity Gauntlet #2
Korvac Saga #1
M.O.D.O.K. Assassin #2 (Of 5)
Planet Hulk #2
Uncanny Avengers #5
Where Monsters Dwell #2 (Of 5)
X-Men ’92 #1


Batgirl #41
Gotham By Midnight #6
Grayson #9
Green Lantern The Lost Army #1
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #4
Justice League 3001 #1
Superman #41
Teen Titans #9
We Are Robin #1


Sons Of The Devil #2
Tithe #3 (Of 4)
Walking Dead #143
Wayward #9


Tomb Raider #17 (Dark Horse Comics)
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #42 (IDW)

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