Episode 241: Jessica Jones


This week, Vince and I tackle the brand new Jessica Jones TV series on Netflix. The series has taken a couple years to finally release, and while a lot of people have fallen in love with it, both Vince and I agree that it fell far short of what we would have liked.

In our What We’re Reading segment, I tackled Invincible, All-New Wolverine, Dark Knight III, I Hate Fairyland, and more. Oh, and the new Supergirl TV show.

OH! And the Flash/Arrow cross-over! So much excite!



Jessica Jones

What We’re Reading

Vince: Mehhhh
Roger: Invincible, All-New Wolverine, Dark Knight III, Extraordinary X-Men, I Hate Fairyland, Supergirl (TV), Flash/Arrow Cross-Over (TV)

New Releases


All-New All-Different Avengers #2
All-New Inhumans #1
All-New X-Men #1
Daredevil #1
Doctor Strange #3
Extraordinary X-Men #3
Guardians of Infinity #1
Invincible Iron Man #4
Nova #2
Spidey #1
Star Wars #13
Totally Awesome Hulk #1


Action Comics #47
Batman and Robin Eternal #9
Batman Beyond #7
Gotham Academy #12
Gotham by Midnight #11
Green Lantern #47
Robin War #1


Black Science #18
East of West #22
Nailbiter #18
Paper Girls #3
Plutona #3
Image Firsts (Bitch Planet, Descender, Wayward)


Transformers #48

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