Episode 254: The Dark Knight Returns


This week, after a mere 253 episodes, we finally remembered, I mean decided to talk about one of the most iconic Batman stories: The Dark Knight Return. I recall when this originally was published, and the impression it left on a generation of comic book readers. Decades later, I feel it still holds up, and should be required reading for any true Batman fan.

We kept going with the Batman theme throughout our What We’re Reading segment, and also covered Weirdworld, Spider-Man and Deadpool and Injustice.



The Dark Knight Returns

What We’re Reading

Vince: Weirdworld, Batman/Superman
Roger: Batman/TMNT, Spider-Man/Deadpool, Injustice

New Releases


Captain Marvel #3
Extraordinary X-Men #8
International Iron Man #1
Kanan #12
Power Man and Iron Fist #2
Web Warriors #5


Batman and Robin Eternal #24
Superman #50


Low #12
Monstress #4
Rat Queens #15

Dark Horse:

Dragon Age: Magekiller #4


Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #4
Transformers #51


A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #1
Wrath f the Eternal Warrior #5

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