The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 682

By Roger

Spider-Man has been ridding one hell of a wave as of late. Between his team-ups with the Avengers, FF, and various duo story-arcs, he’s proven that he can hold his own amongst (and against) the best. While that may not be anything new, what is new is that his personal life is finally looking up as well. Sure, he and Carly decided to call it quits, but MJ’s already back in the picture, and no doubt will lead to more than just hot coffee (if you know what I mean, he writes with a wink).

At the start of The Amazing Spider-Man issue 682, we see Spider-Man taking on Equinox using gadgets he’s developed at Horizon Labs. I loved the Goblin throwback, and Stefano Caselli’s artwork for this was nothing short of insane (which we’ll get more into in a bit). The scene, as well as the one immediately following the fight, is important because it allows Peter to come to the realization that it isn’t just Spider-Man who is saving lives and bettering mankind; a man’s legs are saved thanks to one of Peter’s inventions from Horizon Labs. A look around the city during a walk in to work allows Parker to see how much of an influence his inventions have had on others around him; inventions which first had been made to help Spider-Man.

Of course, any longtime reader of the series knows; Peter cannot remain happy or at peace long. Let’s be honest, the universe would collapse.

Queue Doctor Octopus and his nefarious plan which started several issues back.

But wait… is it nefarious?

Doc Oc turns up the heat on the planet, using satellites he’s gotten into space (see prior ASM issues co-starring Johnny Storm). In a worldwide television broadcast, he claims to have a solution to global warming, and that as one of his last acts, the doc wants to leave the world in a better state than when he came in. You see, the ol’ boy’s dying. Truth be told, he is not looking his best, which brings me back to Caselli’s artwork in this issue.

Caselli is the man. Seriously. This issue is a testament to what amazing art can be in comics. Check out these two page spreads and tell me you aren’t seriously impressed.

Caselli and Frank Martin Jr. go above and beyond with these.

Which leads us to Dan Slott. Slott has proven time and again that he was placed on this earth to write Spider-Man. His characters are engaging and relatable. He knows how to tell a story in such a way that you are driven to turn the page. This issue is no different. From beginning to end, you are drawn into the events that unfold; and much like Spider-Man, you will not accept a kindler, gentler Doc Oc just looking to green-up the world before fertilizing it 6 feet under.

Spider-Man, knowing he will have to go up against the Sinister Six, pulls out all the stops in terms of his newest Horizon Labs gadgets (made specifically for each villain). He confronts the Avengers, and in a single pannel proves without a doubt that he has the balls to lead them into battle against the Six.

“Perhaps what?! You’re actually discussing this?! What is this? Earth’s mightiest chat room?!”

“Spider-Man? Is that–?”

“Yeah. New suit. New look. Get over it. I’m talking now. And I’m saying the only two words anyone here should be saying–”

As I said on the podcast, I maintain he should have said, “Avengers friggin’ assemble!”

But maybe that’s just me.

Ends of the Earth starts now.

Hells ya.

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 682
Story: Dan Slott
Art: Stefano Caselli, Frank Martin Jr.

After a 25 year absence from comic books, Roger has returned, thanks in no small part to the iPad.

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