The Incredible Hulk Issue 6

By Roger

As I’d said on the podcast after The Incredible Hulk’s relaunch, I was kinda diggin’ the new storyline. It certainly wasn’t rocket science, and the art had its strength and weaknesses, but overall, I was enjoying it. That isn’t to say there weren’t massive plot holes, the likes of which even the Hulk couldn’t have made; but I was willing to let Jason Aaron run with the story for a while and see where he would take us.

Well, seems he’s taken us off the deep end, and when you consider the source material for this series, that’s saying a lot.

Issue 6 of The Incredible Hulk is Chapter Three in the Hulk vs. Banner! story-arc which finds Hulk fighting Bruce Banner finally.

Up until this point, we’ve seen each in their own stories, and this issue is where they finally converge in what is to be a spectacular battle… even though that concept is the most nonsensical idea ever. Jason tries to lay credence to Banner as an actual threat to the Hulk, by having the crazed scientist firing a variety of weapons into his face.

Apparently, since the “split”, ol’ Banner’s forgotten that you can’t take the Hulk down by firing anything at him… that only makes him stronger. So instead of using his noggin’ and coming up with a more intelligent plan, he just… continues… to… shoot… things… at… the… Hulk. While hiding behind a very, very powerful gamma shield… which S.H.I.E.L.D. should definitely steal and patent for all of their squishy agents, because apparently this thing can take a beatin’ from the Hulk and keep whoever’s stupid enough to piss him off alive.

I’m sorry, but this story-arc went from adventurous fun, to insulting to the reader within the last few issues. The explanation for the split (Hulk getting Dr. Doom to separate he from Banner) is off the charts ludicrous, and the fact that despite the Hulk wanting to be separated from Banner, he goes back to rescue him from Dr. Doom.

I’m sorry, wha-?

And with Banner’s island about to a’splode, instead of leaping to safety, leaving Banner to fry by himself, the Hulk sticks around under the guise of wanting to make certain Banner dies.

It just doesn’t work… and I haven’t even gotten to Amada von Doom (and her forced backstory inserted at the most inopportune moment) and her pal Igor, who takes down hulked out locals with his hump.

The entire issue is a roller-coaster that’s run off its rails and its simply not fun to read. Likewise, the art has shifted and gotten far too erratic, not to mention confusing and at times, just plain bad. The fight scenes are a convoluted mess and the non-hulked out people’s proportions are off quite often. Check out Banner when he calls Hulk an “ingrate” or when he refers to his bomb, or pretty much any shot of Amanda.

What started as a fun romp has become a runaway story which Aaron doesn’t appear to have any control of, and that is quite disappointing. He’s basically jumped the hulked out shark. I haven’t given up on it entirely yet, however my faith in this relaunch may very well go down with that island once Banner’s gamma bomb goes off.

The Incredible Hulk Issue 6
Story: Jason Aaron
Art: Whilce Portacio, Allen Martinez, Arif Prianto, Sakti Yuwono, Mashuri

After a 25 year absence from comic books, Roger has returned, thanks in no small part to the iPad.

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