Episode 29: Wah Wahwah Wah


This week’s recordings were both supremely disappointing and hilarious. Yes, recordings… plural. Due to technical difficulties during our regular Wednesday night recording, which were entirely my fault, this is what our tracks looked like.

The upper track is mine. The lower track… yes, that flat line, is Vince’s.

Unfortunately, due to some Skype shenanigans, Vince’s portion of the conversation was not recorded. We decided to re-record on Thursday, which in hindsight was not that bad, seeing as DC decided to drop another bomb on us after we’d recorded on Wednesday.

PS. I hope you enjoy our Peanuts inspired outtakes… the editing time required for those was quite lengthy… though in my opinion well worth it.


Big changes at DC
New #1s
DC sets a new record for shortest time between good idea and complete failure


Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine
Amazing Spider-Man #661-662

New Releases


Amazing Spider-Man #663
Avengers Academy #14.1
Fear Itself #3
Fear Itself: The Deep #1
Herc #4
Heroes for Hire #8
Hulk #34
Moon Knight #2
Thunderbolts #158
Uncanny X-Force #11
X-Factor #220
X-Men #12


Batman Beyond #6
Flashpoint #2
Flashpoint: Abin Sur – The Green Lantern #1
Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #1
Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1
Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #1
Secret Six #34


Irredeemable #26
Who Is Jake Ellis? #4

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