Episode 052: Spider Island

By cbi

This week, Vince and I tackle Spider Island, Marvel’s newest event which crossed over into several titles. We discussed the various tie-in mini-series as well, tossing our two cents in as to whether they are worth reading.

Hint: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is a must read. Cloak and Dagger, not so much.


Spider Island

Amazing Spider-Man #669-673
Venom #7 & 8
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
Other assorted tie-ins

What We’re Reading

Vince: The Flash
Roger: Animal Man

New Releases


Avenging Spider-Man #1
Battle Scars #1
Ghost Rider #5
Journey into Mystery #631
New Avengers #18
Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Uncanny X-Force #17
X-Men Legacy #258
Incredible Hulks: Heart of the Monster TPB


Batman and Robin #3
Demon Knights #3
Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3
Green Lantern #3
Huntress #2
Suicide Squad #3
Superboy #3


Darkwing Duck #18 (BOOM!)

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