Episode 067: Grim Hunt


We were thrilled to hear that Jonathan Maberry had been nominated for a Stoker Award for Marvel Universe vs Wolverine, and wish him the best of luck. We’re also very happy that the medium is finally getting a shot at an award this year. It’s about time comics are more widely recognized as being able to deliver great stories, as with traditional books/short stories.

So this is the week I’ve been waiting for… well, at least since last week. Vince made me read Kraven’s Last Hunt as well as Grim Hunt, and as became apparent last week, I was nowhere near as enthusiastic about either of these story arcs as Vince is. We tackled the first story arc last week, opening up the flood gates for our argument regarding the second this week.

Enjoy. Annoying Vince for the enjoyment of our listeners is all in a day’s work for me.


Stoker Awards


Grim Hunt (Amazing Spider-Man #634-637)

What We’re Reading

Vince: Uncanny X-Force, assorted Avengers comics
Roger: Teen Titans #5, Suicide Squad #4-5, Uncanny X-Men

New Releases


Amazing Spider-Man #680
Avengers #23
FF #15
New Avengers #22
Ultimate X-Men #8
Venom #13.4
Invincible Iron Man, Vol 8: Unfixable TPB
Punisher by Greg Rucka, Vol 1 Hardcover
Uncanny X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga, Book 2 Hardcover


Batman Beyond Unlimited #1
Justice League #6
Scalped #56


Voltron #3 (Dynamite)
Invincible #89 (Image)
Walking Dead #94 (Image)
Samurai’s Blood TPB (Image)

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