Episode 200: Another Century Older


200! Vince and I talked about what we would do for this episode, each of us coming up with different ideas. We settled on a little of both, and I decided to toss in an interview for good measure. What can I say, I wanted to give you folks something spectacular to listen to for this big episode.

Jim Zub was quick to reply back to my request, and we booked a time for the interview. Vince and I planned to record the interview yesterday evening, then once Jim had had his fill of us pestering him with questions, we’d record the regular episode. Then by the magic of post-editing, I’d get it all produced into a nice episode for y’all.

So we sat down, each with a drink in hand, and proceeded to record the best interview ever. Zub is such a fantastic guy, and he never once rushed us. He was kind, and easy to shoot the breeze with. I felt bad for keeping him for as long as we did, but he assured me that he was having fun.

The interview ended after a couple hours (seriously) and we thanked Jim for his time and love of comics. Afterward, Vince said to me “well, I guess we’re done.” Because honestly, how could we possibly top that. We recorded a brief intro, and here is that episode now for you to enjoy.

Once again, both Vince and I thank Jim for taking the time out to talk shop with us. We urge everyone to pick up his work, especially Samurai Jack. We need to keep that series running. I mean it!

On a personal note, thanks to everyone who listens to the show. It’s a highlight of our week, and it’s always fun knowing that somewhere, someone is listening and whispering “those idiots have no clue what they’re talking about.”



200th Episode


Jim Zub Interview

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