Episode 202: Spidey’s Coming Home


With all of the recent (wonderful) news, we were certain to run long this episode… and we did. But check it out, we gabbed about Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A-Force (please… please Marvel, rename this as soon as possible) and DC’s upcoming line-up.

In terms of comics, well, we had to discuss Poke-Superman’s evolved power, as well as the scary space mirror. We covered a lot of titles in What We’re Reading, from Saga and Borderlands, to Wolvies and a bunch of new Image titles… as well as an iOS visual novel/comic that I checked out.



Spider-Man Movie Deal
No more New 52


Superman #38
Black Vortex: Alpha

What We’re Reading

Vince: Saga, Hawkguy, Borderlands, Galaxy Quest
Roger: Wolvies, Spider-Man and X-Men, Midnight Rises, Postal, The Dying and the Dead, Star Wars, They’re Not Like Us

New Releases


All-New Ghost Rider #11
All-New X-Men #36
Amazing Spider-Man #14
Captain Marvel #12
Darth Vader #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #24
Spider-Woman #4
Thor #5
X-Force #15
X-Men #24


Batman Eternal #45
Constantine #22
Justice League 3000 #14


Southern Bastards #7
Tech Jacket #8
Walking Dead #137

Dark Horse:

Conan/Red Sonja #2


Dresden Files: Down Town #1


Divinity #1

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