Episode 263: Civil War – Part 1


Civil_War_Final_PosterHere it is!

The episode that you might have been waiting for!

Our cross-over event with the bastards – I mean, folks over at All Comics Considered covering Civil War (film).

Listen to this episode first, then head on over to ACC for part 2!

This was a massive recording session, lasting two hours, with Vince, Marty, Hannah, Nick, Tim and myself. We hope you enjoy these episodes. Because unlike Marvel and DC, this was our one and only “event”!

Please be forewarned that we spoiled damn never everything about this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to hold off on listening to these episodes. That said, if you’re the kind who doesn’t care about such things, then go ahead and listen to this delightful ear-candy.

We often had differing opinions, however in the end what we all did agree on, is that this film was spectacular.

Let us know if you agree with our thoughts.

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